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Demetreus Jones Jr (Born November 7, 1990) , Known notably from his stage name "WhoIsNardo" as a producer, american rapper, & performer  who grew up in a small town called Belle Glade, Fl.  Coming from a goal oriented family  where everyone held their own weight, but as a family he immediately found that his talents went deeper than being good with words, creating music and being in the streets. 

He wanted to change who He had become and create a new elemental individual. Fashion is something that he always took interest to. Creating pieces in high school for himself and friends to look cool was only something that was set aside for later in life..

After a  decent amount of growth and  releasing music with local and signed artist such as Mike Smiff (Slip-N-Slide record label). producing songs for himself and other artist since 2012, now was the time to dive deeper with more passion for the love of creativity.

"Y.C.G.B" ( Young.Creative.Gifted.Bastard) birthed in 2009 by him and a friend as a bar in a rhyme and  then established as a brand in 2022. 

"The Brand isnt about being a bastard child but being someone who created something out of nothing. An outkast; A popular loner. This is a brand for everyone"- WhoIsNardo


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